Blood Orange and Thyme
Beech Mountain Distillery

Blood Orange and Thyme

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A fresh springtime special, our Blood Orange and Thyme Gin brings the wonderfully sweet and tart flavours of fresh Blood Oranges and a sublime herbaceous Thyme background to a charming symphony of flavour.

Best enjoyed on a sunny spring day's picnic in a bee laden field; this Gin is highly sessionable. Post infusion of whole fresh Blood Oranges impart a charming orange sunset hue and a distinctively refreshing experience. The sweetness of the Blood Orange peaks into a delightful Sherbet-like finish. Juniper and classic Gin botanicals provide an understated and robust profile.

We recommend the following classic cocktail and mixer twists!

"Blood Orange Slush" - A delightfully refreshing and cold treat for a hot day.

  • 30ml Blood Orange and Thyme Gin
  • 200ml Bundaberg Blood Orange Mini Can

Freeze can of Blood Orange sparkling drink to slushie like consistency. Pour 30ml shot of BMD Blood Orange & Thyme into a tumbler (Or any glass); add can of Blood Orange slush, top with ice and garnish with a fresh (Ideally flowering) sprig of Thyme for a very refreshing drink suitable for hot days or lovely evenings.

"Italian 65" - Based on the "French 75" cocktail, this wonderfully smooth cocktail has a cannonfire kick.

  • 45ml Blood Orange and Thyme Gin
  • 15ml Sugar Syrup
  • 15ml Blood Orange Juice
  • Shake together over ice;

Strain mixture into chilled champagne flute, top with Prosecco, 50-75ml, to taste. Garnish with Blood Orange zest. Avanti Gusto!

"Bloody Sidecar" - our twist on the classic French "Sidecar" cocktail! A deliciously full bodied, complex yet marvelously sweet Cocktail with a fruity citrus aroma.

  • 30ml Cognac
  • 30ml Gin
  • 30ml Blood Orange Juice
  • 15ml Sugar Syrup
  • Optional 10-15ml of Chilled Water

All ingredients mixed, shaken over ice, strained into coupe glass and garnished with dried Blood Orange or Blood Orange zest.



Attention! Due to large post infusion of delicious Blood Oranges, the citrus content in this Gin may want to separate over time. Best kept in a cool place out of direct sunlight.