Blood Orange and Thyme
Beech Mountain Distillery

Blood Orange and Thyme

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A fresh springtime special, our Blood Orange and Thyme Gin brings the wonderfully sweet and tart flavours of fresh Blood Oranges and a sublime herbaceous Thyme background to a charming symphony of flavour.

Best enjoyed on a sunny spring day's picnic in a bee laden field; this Gin is highly sessionable. Post infusion of whole fresh Blood Oranges impart a charming orange sunset hue and a distinctively refreshing experience. The sweetness of the Blood Orange peaks into a delightful Sherbet-like finish. Juniper and classic Gin botanicals provide an understated and robust profile.

We recommend the following classic cocktail twists!

"Italian 65" - Based on the "French 75" cocktail, this wonderfully smooth cocktail has a cannonfire kick.

  • 45ml Blood Orange and Thyme Gin
  • 15ml Sugar Syrup
  • 15ml Blood Orange Juice
  • Shake together over ice;

Strain mixture into chilled champagne flute, top with Prosecco, 50-75ml, to taste. Garnish with Blood Orange zest. Avanti Gusto!

"Bloody Sidecar" - our twist on the classic French "Sidecar" cocktail! A deliciously full bodied, complex yet marvelously sweet Cocktail with a fruity citrus aroma.

  • 30ml Cognac
  • 30ml Gin
  • 30ml Blood Orange Juice
  • 15ml Sugar Syrup
  • Optional 10-15ml of Chilled Water
All ingredients mixed, shaken over ice, strained into coupe glass and garnished with dried Blood Orange or Blood Orange zest.